Egypt Games Week


TICKETS ON ENTRY: Tickets are available at the entrance and you cannot pay for a ticket before the event of Egypt Games Week. For tournaments players you need to participate in the earlier qualifiers but you still only pay one time.

DOES ONE TICKET COVER EVERYDAY? Yes you buy one ticket one time and can enter everyday of the event we are live.

DO I PAY FOR EVERYTHING? Once you buy a ticket you can access everything at the event on every day. There maybe restricted numbers on certain activities like a tournament, timings are different to when you want to attend, so check the published schedules when they are live.

TOURNAMENTS ARE FREE: Pre-Registered players on Power League Gaming (PLG), who are competing in qualification and seeding tournaments on the 18th and 19th August, will pay 50 EGP to EGYPT GAMES WEEK and get a friend in completely FREE courtesy of PLG. But you are never charged for every tournament, as long as you have time you can register and compete in any tournament Click Here to Register for PLG Tournament

The first community based gaming event for Egypt.

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