Egypt Games Week

So many of the community members from one country have asked to help out in another country or do anything they can to support bigger events, more competitions, more players, better ideas and activities. Some of the great teams and players from the community asked us if Games Weeks players in one country could play against others, so with our partners PLG Power League Gaming we thought we would see if this can happen.

Want to play the Bahrain MKX Champion, Middle East Champion and MKX European Cup Runner Up? Of course you do. Want your teams to go pro and own some scrubs in another country....of course you do, so NVIDIA and PLG are going make it happen for you on CS:Go and DOTA 2. Do you really think that FIFA championships can be won by you? Well a Saudi did just win the FIWC, so maybe you can at least win the Regional Championship!

PLG Pro Circuit Invitational - Dota 2

Image: Power League Gaming

Egypt Games Week champions are in for a bigger challenge against community members from the Jordan Games Week a few months ago. Many Jordanian champions made a name for themselves recently and they want to take on tougher competition when we find out who from Egypt Games Week will join the PLG Pro Circuit Invitational. Yes it's EGW vs JGW on two absolutely massive titles CS:GO and DOTA 2.

If you and your team are ready to represent the Egyptian community you will need to send an email to and find out about all the details for the special activity 20th August DOTA2 Geforce Cup with NVIDIA, that will kick off this awesome set of competitions.

PLG Pro Circuit Invitational - CS:GO

Image: Power League Gaming

Thank you to all the players across the region that are getting involved and offer to help organize Games Weeks, we are doing our best to get to you and your community as soon as possible news on more Games Weeks is coming very very very soon

The first community based gaming event for Egypt.

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